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Workplace Wellness


The Corporate Coach brings a multi-faceted approach to workplace wellness through our customized programs tailored to fit your specific organizational needs.  We offer employee educational awareness in topics such as: health and wellness, proper posture, correct body alignment, positive mental state, break time exercises, effective time management tips, and breathing/stretching techniques for stress relief.  Through our in-house workshop, employees can receive all the necessary basic information they need to get started.  Our enhanced service allows them to gain access relating to their own personal situations, and suggestions for corrective improvement. Together, we can create a healthier, more productive workplace.

Injury Prevention


The main causes of workers compensation claims stem from overexertion and improper lifting.  By educating our employees, we can create a stronger, more sustainable workplace with greater productivity.  The Corporate Coach provides a preventative approach to workplace injury through our specialized injury prevention workshops.  These workshops are designed to educate employees on how to utilize safe and efficient movements at the workplace or job site.  A blend of fitness techniques will be taught and demonstrated to workers, teaching them how to lift properly to avoid injury.  The information will be custom tailored with each company’s unique set of goals and challenges in mind.  The injury prevention training is highly recommended for companies with labor intensive work.  Coaches for these programs will meet elite educational requirements, including national certification, as well as degrees in health-related fields.  

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Nutrition Program


As a society, we have made it increasingly difficult to understand nutrition and how to eat healthy.  The Corporate Coach provides a simplified approach to healthy eating and nutrition delivered in an easy to understand workshop right at the workplace.  Employees will learn how to eat healthy, both at home and on the go.  They will be taught how to read food labels and understand how our food energy sources work.  We team up with Registered Dieticians to deliver comprehensive solutions.  Whether you have an onsite restaurant, campus cafeteria, vending machines or employees who brown bag their lunch, we will teach your employees how to be fueled properly throughout their workday.

Personal Training


The Corporate Coach provides personal training packages at the corporate level.  We offer fitness consulting designed to meet both individual and company needs.  Through the use of your on-site fitness facility, an available break room or even space around your desk, The Corporate Coach will provide professional, certified instruction to keep your employees healthy and fit.

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“Get Fit” Program


As working people with busy schedules, finding time to keep ourselves healthy and fit needs to be among our top priorities in achieving optimal performance.  The Corporate Coach brings fitness to the workplace through our personalized workshops.  Beginning with resistance band training and callisthenic movement, The Corporate Coach teaches employees how to keep their blood pumping while at their workplace.   A variety of movements to increase employee’s kinesthetic awareness will be used to challenge muscle groups while reducing stress.  By utilizing proper form and varying angles, employees will be able to focus on fitness even at their desk or in the break room. Employees will learn what types of exercises are most effective with limited time and space.  We teach employees to use their work and lunch breaks to keep their metabolisms firing and minds sharp throughout the workday.

Custom Consulting


Supervisors have the ability to directly impact employees’ lives.  The Corporate Coach offers customized workplace safety and fitness consulting to help management to provide your organization the best possible health solutions, catered to the particular needs of your organization.  The Corporate Coach also offers personalized training for employees on an individualized basis.  Contact us to find out more.

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