Man doing squats vs. people working at desk

Everyone should have a thorough understanding of their best body dynamics.  Health and Wellness is a multi-billion-dollar industry offering everything from diets, to creams, workout videos, and even “magic” pills.  However, the most important element is lacking the knowledge.   For example, did you know, more than 60% of people who try a dramatic weight loss program geared toward short term success, gain back all of their weight and then some?  This is why our unique approach sets The Corporate Coach apart.  We look to achieve sustainable, long term success, by equipping the individual with the necessary knowledge.


Our certified staff builds comprehensive programs for each type of employee, knowing everyone has different needs.  Some employees may be doing repetitious movements all day, some may stand for prolonged periods of time, while others are sitting at a desk all day.  The Corporate Coach takes the guess-work out of making healthy changes by creating an individualized plan for the employees of your business. 


Many preventable diseases are on the rise.  The only way to halt these negative health trends is through education and coaching on a level where it can be beneficial to all.  By introducing this philosophy through the employer, we create a natural support network where employees can work together to accomplish their similar goals.

Our mission is to help employees be well and live healthier, more fulfilling lives, while creating sustainable and more productive workplaces.



“Chip is a superb trainer. He trains with intelligence and creativity. He brings great energy to every session and every session is completely different. Chip is full of surprises and in training, probably one of the most important things you can do, is continually surprise your own body.”

- Stephen Lang
Professional Actor


Chip White, President of Cororate Coach



The Founder and President at The Corporate Coach.  He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Fitness and Wellness Leadership/Exercise Science from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.  Chip is also certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer (ASCM CPT.)  Chip completed his internship at Champlain Valley Physicians Fitness and Wellness Center and has worked with a wide variety of clientele in multiple clinical settings.  Through working with special population clientele, Chip has gained the ability to support individuals dealing with complex challenges.  He was the clinical instructor at SUNY Plattsburgh for the course “Advanced Personal Training Techniques.”  Chip has spent six years in the fitness industry working with everyone from children to the elderly, athletes and celebrities.  He has a passion for helping people and looks to support his business in achieving their optimum level of success​.